How to create contact link for Skype

A link to be contacted on Skype is convenient to be able to allow potential clients to contact us quickly from our mail or from our web site

There are many reasons for which we should create a direct link of contact to Skype, and are all related to our business. With a link is much easier for those who need to contact us on Skype directly start a chat window (or a call) with us.

It may happen that our username is a bit difficult to dictate to a voice or to write in a message from your smartphone, or it can happen that we have so many homonyms and then find us on Skype can be more difficult than we can imagine. Then, send an e-mail containing the text that you Add me on Skype that I better talk about it with the link fast request can not be of benefit and make everything faster.

The Link targeted

Skype offers the possibility to create links targeted by associating different types of actions to link

In practice with this HTML code

<a href="skype:username?voicemail">Leave me a vocal</a>

you can create a true hyperlink that is linked to Skype. The proposed code allows those who click to leave a voice message on our Skype account without going to look, saving time.

I prefer this solution at first because not only can we add this code in the web pages, but also in the signature of the mail.

The possible commands are

  • skype:username?chat > Start a chat
  • skype:username?call > Start a call
  • skype:username?add > Add to contacts
  • skype:username?userinfo > Displays the user profile
  • skype:username?voicemail > Leave a voice message
  • skype:username?sendfile > Send a file
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