To solve the problem of the streaming movies freeze up

What are the reasons why streaming movies crashes

Risolvere il problema dei film in streaming che si bloccano

Attention: The purpose of this article is NOT to encourage piracy, but only to inform. The team of Dummy-X is contrary to every form of illegality, including there is also streaming. We are NOT responsible for the spread of the sites streaming and how to use them.

A streaming site has a few rules, all in its favour: upload illegal content searched by the people to be able to earn as much money as possible by applying all of the advertising that you can apply. A streaming site is little concern about the amount and type of advertising that a user must put.

Come out advertising in poor taste, or dangerous scripts, or that the content that you are looking for don’t see, here are some tips for a tranquil viewing.

Precise that if, after these measures are not we can see movies and videos without making them block, maybe we should take a look at the speed of the internet connection.

Pop-up blocking

As we have already suggested in this article, you need a plugin to block the pop-up. Most of the problems come from the fact that the site itself tries to open pop-up ads which may also contain dangerous scripts from our computer. All browsers have the function to block pop-up, but do not always work in the best of ways.

Popup Blocker Ultimate is an addon for Firefox that is able to block efficiently all pop-ups automatic. If we use Chrome, we can install pop-up Blocker.

Ad blocking

I am against this practice, but sometimes it becomes necessary because, on some streaming sites, we run the risk of seeing images prohibited to minors that I want to hide. We could also do without it, but if it is just impossible to navigate on the site then we need to install Ad-Block or similar.

Change the DNS of the connection

If the video or the film, struggling to go forward, it is because it is possible that the service on which has been loaded to draw the file from multiple different servers, and when the player changes server, you can go into the block because perhaps we find it hard to reach in a short time. The solution is to configure our connection with the Google DNS, which are faster than the competition, and then we can help you deal with the “exchange server” in a short time.

To set Google DNS on Windows 10, just follow these steps:

Impostare DNS di Google su Windows 10
  1. Open the network and sharing from control Panel
  2. Click on the Wi-Fi to which we are connected (1)
  3. At the opening of the window Status of Wi-Fi click on the Properties button (2)
  4. From the section the connection uses the following items click on Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) (3) and click on Properties (4)
  5. In the Properties window, to the DNS section, select Use the following DNS server addresses and insert, preferred DNS Server, as the alternate DNS Server (5)
  6. For nitpicking my, usually, rebooting the PC

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