Prezi, a new tool for creating presentations

A tool to create presentations clearer, more attractive and more modern


Prezi is a new software that lets you create presentations using a structure similar to a canvas of infinite size, and translating the concept of slides with the zoom performed on the canvas itself.

A quick example to define the idea

The main feature of Prezi is its non-linearity, in fact, a project presented through Prezi can follow multiple paths to go from one point to another of the infinite canvas. The use of zoom enables the presenter, with simple mouse movements, to have an overview of the entire work.

To make a long story short, using the zoom you can show and express concepts in a more practical and the conceptual with the “old” slides, giving the possibility to those who follow us to unleash the real emotions.

Its non-linearity allows the presenter to zoom from one side to the other of this immense canvas by eliminating the moments of jumps of slides” in case we wanted to skip a speech, it is already clear, or to answer a question. Since the slides that are not sequential, we can handle the huge presentation as a single photo the media, and thus the transition of the slides as “useless” is, in real time, replaced with a zoom-out of the current view and a zoom-in of the new view you want. This function allows more flexibility and allows changes in record time even during the same presentation without the end user noticing.

The design of the new presentation can be done simultaneously for up to 10 users, eliminating the continuous exchanges of mail and the dead times are created between a consivisione and the other. You just have to have the permission to edit the file and in that moment he is editing another presenter.

Additionally, the presentation may be started from the browser, or exported by creating the file executable for Windows and Mac.

Its cost deserves a separate article, but I will try to be brief and clear.

You can activate a free account that allows us to create, with the limit that you can create online-only browser, and all of our presentations are open to the public. If we want additional options, we must go to pay for a subscription via more and more expensive, depending on the type and number of functions that we need.

Among the various features are the possibility of being able to view the presentations offline, the possibility of having a second view for the presenter, the ability to upload videos, and so much more.

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