Install the full version of Mi Fit, the Xiaomi Mi Band 1s app

The version of Mi Fit that is installed through the Google Play Store has some missing features that we find in the full Chinese version. Let's see what they are and how to install the app

mifit app android 1.8.711 full stats I have already spent a few words about the Xiaomi Mi Band 1s, the fantastic low-cost fitness bracelet but with a very high quality, and I discovered that there is a full version that includes some more features than those in the version downloadable from Play Store. In this article I will describe in order all the features that I have not already expressed in my previous review, that is the running function, the weight control, and at the end I will explain how to install it. Everything else is unchanged, like sleep control, step counting, etc … mifit android app 1.8.711 full version It is possible to notice that despite the version number is still 1.8.711 the menu contains more options and allows interfacing to multiple devices such as Mi Scale, the intelligent scale always produced by Xiaomi, and another thing that I did not understand what both. From the image I can suppose some sensor similar to that of Nike + that is tied to shoes. It is important to clarify that all the more items we find are not all translated into Italian, we can find some in English and others in Chinese.


mifit app android 1.8.711 full running From the interface of the daily count of the steps appears the command Running which accesses the useful screen for training. From here it is possible to set the warnings for each number of kilometers traveled, and the warning in case the heartbeat exceeds a threshold, all accompanied by the tracking with the GPS of the smartphone. The cardiac control will remain constant throughout the training phase, so I recommend putting the Mi Band in charge before the training session.

Weight control

mifit android app 1.8.711 full weight Another interesting feature that allows you to set another goal to reach: weight. You can enter the weight manually, or (I think) automatically with the use of the Mi Scale. The indicators also highlight the BMI, so the body mass index is also calculated.


To perform the installation it is necessary that in the Android settings are enabled app installs from third parties (Unknown sources in Security)

  • Open the MiFit app and, ensuring the presence of the network, let's synchronize it with the Mi Band
  • Uninstall the app, making sure to erase the data and cache first
  • Download the apk from the official Chinese Xiaomi website by clicking on the green button with the Chinese writing shown in the picture

ATTENTION: The full app downloadable from the site is available only in Chinese. The full Italian version can be downloaded here: Download Mi Fit 1.8.711 full Italian Notes: New full version of Mi Fit: it's all in Chinese

mifit app android 1.8.711 full download

  • After downloading the app, open it with a file manager to install it
  • At the start we insert our access data so as to recover all our old data

For the update we no longer have to rely on the Play Store, but we have to update it via the MiFit app itself, in this way we will pull down the new full version (when available). Just go to Menu> Profile> Information> Check for updates to run a check. If you are even more interested in this product, you can buy it on Amazon. I highly recommend it.

I bought it out of pure curiosity and I was completely satisfied with it. Its cost is ridiculous and you will see its usefulness right away.

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