Download all videos of a YouTube playlist

Download a whole playlist by using an app with command line

The reason for which you want to download a Youtube playlist can be to bring the entertainment of your favorite channels where we have to face a journey, and we already know they are not getting an internet line. Or simply have a backup of a channel, we loved it, and we want to make sure the vision of the video before the owner delete it or make it private.

I follow this procedure to download a music video channel of music without copyright to make a compilation to listen to in the car, for example.


The first thing we need to download the software that you’re going to use youtube-dl totally free, scompattandolo in a folder of our computer.

We will find the file youtube-dl.exe that will be the executable that we are going to use via command-line.

Open the command prompt, select the path in which we have moved the executable and use the command/

youtube-dl [link della playlist da scaricare]

The pressure of the ENTER key, the procedure will begin to analyze the contents of all the specified playlist and will download to the folder where the executable is located youtube-dl.exe all the videos one after the other.

It is interesting to know that the video will have as its name the title of the video is saved in YouTube, and the last modified date of the file will coincide with the date of publication of the video.

The download will run as long as it will not be found in the list a video covered by DRM. This means that we will be able to download only the videos that will be protected by the copyright laws of YouTube.

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